Chloe’s Clinic Podcast: Normalising Safe Birth

by | Jul 10, 2023 | News

Chloe’s Clinic Podcast

Normalising Safe Birth

Tune into my Podcast episode with fertility nutritionist Chloe Collins as we discuss physiological birth, trust in the female system, and bringing the focus back to women having the beautiful, empowered experience they deserve

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As a doula, prenatal bodyworker and birth educator, my role is to support birthing families in making informed and empowered decisions about their birth. As part of this process, I want to share the latest evidence-based information and statistics on a wide range of interventions that are now so common, but not always necessary, in the Australian maternity system. And breech baby positioning is just one scenario where I often see the cascade of interventions begin. If you’d like support with turning your breech baby in Cairns and Far North Queensland using Spinning Babies, Optimal Maternal Positioning, rebozo, pelvic alignment and pelvic floor bodywork, or you’d like to discuss your options for an empowered and informed breech birth, you can book a Pelvic Alignment for Birth Package or Private Prenatal Consultation with me. I can also provide video consultations and real-time guidance supporting you through breech flip and pelvic alignment techniques at home, wherever you are.

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